Sabudana Vada-Tips and Tricks for Crunchy Vadas

The tips included in this post will help you make the crunchiest,no fail sabudana vadas without any vadas breaking in oil or soaking too much oil. Sabudana vadas are a favorite during fasts and a popular dish from Gujarat,Rajasthan and … Continued

Rajgira/Amaranth Aloo Paratha

The word Rajgira literally means ‘Royal Grain’ The English word for Rajgira is Amaranth, whose origins are from the Sanskrit word ‘Amar’  which means immortal!   Though Rajgira is an ancient grain, it has become very popular lately, ever since … Continued

Paneer ki sabzi without Onion and Garlic-A Navratri/Vrat Recipe

Paneer made without onion and garlic is an easy and tasty addition to our Navratri/Vrat recipes. Usually we always think of Potatoes, Sabudana,Kuttu flour(buckwheat) and Singhare ka atta(chestnut flour) when we think of fasting, but they are all so high … Continued

Vrat ke Dahi Vade in Appe Pan

Food eaten during Navratris usually involves fried puris,parathas and pakoras. And while I love all of them, the sensible side of me wants to eat healthy and tasty. This was an experiment I tried and it was a smashing success! … Continued

Sama ke Chawal/Moraiya Pulao with Kaju and Aloo

A healthy pulao using Sama/Moraiya which is a great alternative to traditional Rice. Using minimum spices and Cashews for the protein, its provides a complete meal when paired with Greek yogurt or Vrat ki kadhi. I do make this occasionally … Continued

Collection of Navratri/Vrat Recipes

Jai Mata Di,navratri is a time of cleansing both the mind and body by eating satvic food that is basic, pure and minimalistic with very few ingredients. During Navratri we are always looking for recipes that follow the norms of … Continued