Hi, I am Aanchal Gupta, residing in Georgia, USA and most people would think I am crazy to start a blog when I am getting ready to hit the big Five Zero this month. People at this stage of life are becoming empty nesters, thinking of retirement, travelling and slowing down the pace a bit. So why am I thinking of starting a blog? All my life its been about supporting my husband in his professional endeavors and raising a family. Somewhere in this journey my ambitions were placed on the back burner. A passion though remain lit in me to do something, something that gave me satisfaction. Somewhere the idea of starting a blog momentarily flashed in my mind but never got put into a concrete thought. Deep down also was a fear of technology. I do feel I am” technically challenged” for lack of a better word. While I was in school and thereafter in college, there was no exposure to computers. Even though I am professionally employed for the last 10 years, which involves working constantly on a computer, the thought of starting a blog seemed at best daunting.

The idea of starting a blog came from my 16 year old daughter Priyanka while we were travelling by train from Lucerne to Salzburg. We were already thinking of our next destination, as well as all the yummy food we had tried in Switzerland. Conversation then moved to how we would need to go on a diet after the vacation. We decided we would do a second round of Whole30 after we went back home. That’s when Priyanka suggested I should write a blog about our healthy lifestyle, food and travels. The seed that had always been there, was now ready to germinate and grow.

I though of all the things that I was passionate about and it kept going back to food, healthy lifestyle and my latest passion – travel. This led me to my blog name “Foodfitnessbeautyandmore”.

Coming back to my technical skills, or lack there of, I asked Priyanka to be my partner in crime and help me setup the blog as well as write posts that would be of interest to teenagers. She is an excellent baker and bakes often when we have company over. As a 16 year old and a rising junior, I hope she will bring a different perspective to the blog.

Thank you for visiting our blog. We hope you will join us on our journey as we bring you healthy, easy, nutritious recipes, fitness do’s and don’ts, share our experiences with beauty products and our travels.

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