Batata Vada/No Onion Garlic Aloo Bonda

Delicious Gujarati style Batata Vadas made with potatoes that have been tempered with mustard,sesame,cashews and curry leaves. The potatoes are spicy,sweet and tangy,giving an explosion of flavors in the mouth.The key ingredient in this recipe is the mustard oil that … Continued

Sweet and Spicy Cranberry Chutney with Indian Spices

Flavored with basic Indian spices, this cranberry chutney is sweet,spicy and tangy. Goes well with sandwiches,wraps and as a dip. Use with turkey on Thanksgiving Day, rotisserie chicken, crisp tofu and tempeh. This chutney is vegan and gluten free. If … Continued

Spinach Corn Sandwich

A nutritious sandwich packed with the goodness of spinach and corn in a quick white sauce. Flavored with Italian seasoning, garlic and chili flakes, its a flavorful,delicious and wholesome sandwich full of vegetables. If you are looking for ways to … Continued

Healthy Farali Pattice in Appe Pan

A quick,easy and low-fat version of the Farali Pattice. Desiccated coconut replaces fresh coconut and instead of mincing fresh cilantro,mint,green chilies etc, I have used Green chatni/cilantro mint chatni that we usually have ready and handy at home. The word … Continued

Indian Bread Rolls-Air Fried Potato Stuffed Bread Rolls

Crisp,Golden,guilt free Indian Bread Rolls made in only a spoonful of oil in the Air fryer. The spices are cooked slightly before being added to the potatoes, making the potato stuffing delicious. I grew up eating the deep fried version … Continued

Palak Pakora/Spinach Fritter-Air Fryer Recipe

Spinach pakoras made in an Air Fryer in just a spoonful of oil are healthy and low fat. Made with Gram flour/Besan and Rice flour, these pakoras are gluten free and vegan. The traditional recipe of pakoras involve deep frying … Continued

WholeWheat and Jaggery Eggless Banana Bread

An eggless banana bread made healthier by using whole wheat flour/atta and jaggery/gur. Not only is this bread healthy its also moist and delicious! The chocolate chips and a hint of cinnamon make it a perfect accompaniment to coffee/tea, for … Continued

Coconut Chatni with Desiccated Coconut/ Dry Coconut Powder

Coconut Chatni made in 5 minutes using desiccated coconut/ Dry coconut powder. Tastes like chatni made from fresh or frozen coconut without compromising on taste. Made with pantry staples, its easy to put together without a special trip to the … Continued